Monday, January 13, 2014

Plus Quilt

I bought the Glimma fabric line in a fat quarter bundle with no plan of what I wanted to do with it.  I've been wanting to make a plus quilt for awhile now, so I decided this would work great.  I was so proud that I carefully made all my calculations and even used some graph paper and colored pencils to plan it out.  Best laid plans…I somehow ended up 5 squares short!  How frustrating.  It took a lot of reworking, but I'm very pleased with the result! This may end up being a quilt I give away, since I am pretty good about keeping my quilts all to myself, and that's a habit I'm trying to change.   I apologize for the photos, I'm missing my quilt holder (husband!).

Friday, January 10, 2014

Quick Baby Quilt

A dear friend came over for a visit awhile back, and the day before she came I whipped up this easy baby quilt for her very adorable new baby girl.  I was kicking myself though, because I used a black sewing pencil to mark the quilting lines and it did not come out in the wash.  It took running it through several soaks in Oxyclean and lots of Shout before the lines finally faded.  So, I ended up having to mail the quilt.  But, I love the colors and how it turned out.  I think this is going to become a go to gift for my friends with new little ones!  The backing is a light aqua herringbone print which I absolutely love.  I still have plenty left over, but I wish I bought more.

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Christmas Ornaments

I know I'm a little behind, but right after Christmas we had about a week or so that the kiddos and I were all sick.  For Christmas this year, I made little pieced stocking ornaments for the ladies in my quilt guild carpool and also to put in the Christmas cards we sent out this year.  I loved how they turned out, and they were so fun to make!

And just for fun…my 4 year old daughter's Christmas list!  This was a really fun year to do Christmas with her, since she seems so much more understanding of our traditions.  It's a lot of pressure to make the season magical for my children, but oh it's so worth it!